Amina Buddafly Reveals her thoughts & feelings about perter gunz

Fans of “Love & Hip Hop: New York” have witnessed the love triangle involving Peter Gunz, Amina Buddafly and Tara Wallace. Peter now wants a divorce from Amina and she believes in her heart that Tara will go back to him. This have been a love triangle has been going for a while, but Amina is dos def over it!!
In a cringe-worthy clip from “LHHNY”, Peter sits down with Amina to break the news to her that he wants a divorce. Fans are not at all surprised by this news because it was painfully obvious that Gunz wants to reconcile with his other baby mama, Tara.
Peter awkwardly brings up the subject of divorce and it’s apparent that is not what Amina truly wants. Peter coldly asks her, “What comes after separation? Divorce.”
Amina is now speaking out about the situation and admits she doesn’t believe Tara when she says it’s over with Peter.
She told, “The last thing that I heard she was saying there’s nothing going on like that between them, but I don’t believe it and I don’t know who would believe it.”
Amina explains, “He’s not officially with either of us because we both want to move on but we are both struggling with saying no to him. And she’s not admitting it, but I am. Even if [Tara] puts her foot down and says no to him, which is possible, it’s not completely over between them and I don’t think it ever will be and that’s why I had to leave New York.”
The reality star is now realizing that she had to walk away from the situation because Peter is still attached to Tara.  She said, “He’s never going to be able to let her go, if anyone if going to be with a new person in this triangle it will be me.”
Amina finally appears to accept that things are over, posting on Instagram to “choose people who choose you.”

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