are you a fan of married to medicine?


Sooooo who’s a fan of “Married to Medicine? ” If you’re a fan, then you know It’s a heck of a ride for Lisa Nicole Cloud, and now… her husband has become a target.

Lisa Nicole Cloud isn’t happy with the current season of “Married to Medicine,” and it’s all because she keeps clashing with Dr. Heavenly and Toya Bush-Harris.

You did peep how Toya and Dr. Heavenly have no problems jabbing “below the belt” when they are not on good terms with someone. Eep Dr Heavenly lol

Unfortunately for Lisa, her husband Darren Naugles’ s*xuality continues to be the topic of discussion.

Things have gotten so nasty that Lisa recently called Dr. Heavenly out on Twitter after the most recent episode.. and the shade begins:

Lisa also claims that Dr. Heavenly and Toya Bush-Harris are only going after her husband to secure themselves another season on the show (read from bottom to top):

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