beyonce’s delivery of twins: some drama went down….

Beyonce and JAY-Z reportedly welcomed boy/girl twins on Monday, June 12, but it sounds as if the drama-free delivery the couple planned may not have come to fruition.

Insiders have revealed that the family clashed at the hospital, stressing Beyonce out big time!
An insider revealed, “There was a lot of drama, specifically with the Knowles family. Beyonce made it clear that she wanted this day to run smoothly, but her family just did not listen.”
The source adds, “This was supposed to be one of the most touching and beautiful days of her life. But Beyonce was so stressed out because of all the fighting.”
One source of contention was Beyonce’s father, Mathew Knowles, who often runs to the media with their private business.
A source claims that Mathew called the hospital so often that Bey’s sister Solange had to intervene. Beyonce’s mother, Tina Knowles, was also said to have “some pretty harsh words for Mathew over the phone.”
One family insider said, “The family didn’t want him there because they don’t trust him not to leak private information about the twins — or even worse, take photos.”
It appears their fears were justified because Mathew was the first family member to confirm the birth of the twins before Bey or her rep could make the big announcement.
It apparently wasn’t just Bey’s father that caused a little drama. Her mother Tina was reportedly upset that she was not allowed in the operating room when her daughter had her C-section. The hospital only allowed one person to be in surgery with the patient…and obviously JAY-Z wanted to be by his wife’s side.
An insider said, “[Tina] got really salty and made a comment about Jay not being home for the hard parts of Beyoncé’s pregnancy. She ended up leaving the hospital for a breather.”

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