chris brown calls out “fake industry” gang members…


Chris Brown Calls Out Fake Industry Gang Members: "You industry n***as ain’t no threat!"

So, we have all been hoping and praying that Chris Brown would get his life together, sooner rather than later. We have watched that young goofy boy that loved to dance all the time grow up to be a sad soul. He completely lost the fun and energetic smile that was always on his face and we want to see him rocking it again.

Although it doesn’t look like that will be happening anytime soon, because Gangsta’s don’t smile. Chris just let us all know that he is out here thugging for real while everyone else is playing games. We have no idea WHEN the “Run It” singer started gang banging, but this is what he had to say recently.

He wrote his thoughts in a memo pad on his phone before screenshotting it to post as a picture on Instagram. It reads:

“So many fake gangmembers these days!!… n!#$%^ get in the industry then the next thing you kno they got a blue rag or red rag!!.. you not a blood or crip just because you know a n!#$% from that hood and u bought a blue or red rag from the dollar store!!… STOP FAKIN THE FUNK!.. yall not bout that s!#%!!.. blue bloods and red crips is what imma kall u imposters!”

Oh, he wasn’t done there, he proceeded to caption the photo of his real feelings with the following:

“All these n!#$%^ is for the cameras. Pressure turn all these n!#$%^ into pu$^Y. THIS CALIFORNIA S#!% REAL. You industry n!#$%^ ain’t no threat! Ain’t gotta expose none of these hoe a$% n!#$%^ BECUZ they snitch all day and live by no code. I can’t even listen to half these n!#$%^ music because I know it’s fake. #OHB AND WE AINT TURNING DOWN NO FADES!”




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