D.L. Hughley’s son was killed by the mistress (from years ago) boyfriend?



D.L. Hughley is known for making fans laugh, but the comedian shared a painful story during a recent interview on “Lip Service with Angela Yee.” Hughley revealed that he fathered a child outside of his marriage in the past, who was tragically killed by the woman’s boyfriend. WE knew nothing about it!!

D.L. Hughley Reveals His Secret Son With Mistress Was Killed By The Woman's Boyfriend — Watch

D.LHughley opened up about the death of his secret love child, admitting he had to deal with the devastating news alone because he didn’t want to reveal he had cheated on his wife.
Hughley shared that he had a secret child out of wedlock who was murdered in the early years of his marriage to his wife of 31 years, LaDonna Hughley. He tied the knot with LaDonna when he was just 22 years old.
D.L. went on to state that he was afraid to tell his wife about his son, saying, “I knew one day I would be man enough to tell my woman what had happened. I was so [bleep] up.”
The comedian finally confessed to his wife, who reacted in a loving way to the news. “So finally one day I tell my wife and do you know she told me, she said, ‘I wish you would have told me so we could have gone through that together.'” AWWWWWW

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