Cardi B has been a hot topic lately after she appeared to throw shade at the Crips with a post on Instagram. Cardi spoke out in a new interview about her decision to join a gang when she was younger, revealing that she used to get bullied.
Cardi was in the news recently for allegedly disrespecting the LA Crips, resulting in the rapper being the target of gang threats.
The “Bodak Yellow” rapper, who claims she has been a member of the Bloods since she was 16, shared a photo of herself in a blue fur coat. The caption of her Instagram post read, “I hate wearing Flue but this coat was too poppin.”
The use of the word “Flue” is a term Bloods use so they don’t have to say “Blue”, the color associated with the Crips.
The 25-year-old rapper spoke out about the controversy. She said, “Let me tell you something. I appreciate what you saying but where you got me wrong is I ALWAYS BEEN IN THE STREETS. I’m militant i know my oath my nation like the back of my hands I came from the streets. I been banging [expletive] since 16 NOT AFTER FAME OR BODAK. NY is mix with bloods and crips and i deff know crips in the Pjs I came home that park [BLEEP].
Cardi adds, “We say these type of words all the time all of a sudden the world is mad. Now my thing is how was [expletive] that so call claim they ‘GANGSTA’ telling me they next move ? That’s how i figure it’s for clout! cause a real gangsta do [expletive] in silence.”
She also shared a photo in response to the threats, writing in the caption, “I’m an emotional gangsta! That’s why!”

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