did kevin hart cheat on his preggo wife?

Is Kevin Hart cheating on his pregnant wife, Eniko Parrish, with a mystery woman? Well he has cheated in the past, which is why Tori Hart divorced him. He can’t seem to keep it in his pants.
A video taken earlier this month shows Hart out in Miami in the late hours of July 3rd, after he had been partying for his 38th birthday. What type of partying was he doing and where was his wife?
Hart was photographed sitting in the front seat of a Lexus with a driver in the driver’s seat at around 5 a.m. The comedian appears to be flirting with a pretty brunette that is sitting in the backseat. Hart had just left LIV after partying all night.
Hart and the woman chatted in the car for around 20 minutes outside of a luxury South Florida hotel. The woman was spotted looking over her shoulder a few times. Hart then reportedly hopped into the back seat with her.
An eyewitness said, “It’s obvious they were up to no good! She kept looking over her shoulder, and Kevin was pop-eyed when another guest walked by.”
That certainly doesn’t seem like the behavior of a married man that recently announced they are having a baby!
Hart and the mystery woman had reportedly been spending time together at LIV nightclub for the “All-Star Celebrity Birthday Bash” for the comedian, who turned 38 on July 6.
A rep for the comedian, who tied the knot with Eniko Parrish last August, denied that Hart was doing anything wrong. The photos and video footage of the encounter seem to tell a different story though!
A source close to Kevin said, “With his wife at home pregnant, Kevin’s behavior is way out of line. His friends are in total shock. Eniko needs to be stress-free and feeling safe and secure. It’s disgusting that Kevin is doing this to her.”

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