did MJB Blast her husband’s cheater?

Our girl MJB is back! Mary J. Blige’s documentary “The Making Of: Strength of a Woman” aired on VH1 recently, and it was as full of interesting behind-the-scenes insights that the public was not aware of.. wow have you all seen it yet??
The documentary was a star-studded television event, as it included appearances from DJ Khaled, Missy Elliott, Hit-Boy, Jazmine Sullivan, Teddy Riley, in addition to other collaborators who contributed to the project.
In it, Mary also revealed that she started working on the album in Tyrese’s house. He was actually the one who inspired her to name the album “Strength of a Woman”.
That’s crazy. How does he have time to suggest titles when he is so busy outlining fashion and beauty, and sharing his thoughts on women sex lives?
Mary even referenced Beyonce’s Lemonade at one point, making a nod towards lyrics from “Sorry”. She asked Ne-Yo whether he knew someone (the producers seem to have bleeped out their name but who is aware correct? before saying, “Do not let her nowhere near what you’re doing for me because she’s the reason for all of this [expletive]. That’s my Becky With The Good Hair.” LOL WOW!!
So it seems that all those rumors were true after all. Should we be surprised?
The industry icon told Ne-Yo that creating the album was “therapeutic” for her and that she made it to heal herself and to help someone else. While she thought her marriage was going to last forever, she realized that she had to make a change when Kendu chose someone else over her after all those years. Yikes.

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