Did stevie J get a 20 yr old girl preggo? + More

A lot of tea is about to get spilled so get your cups ready!
Traci Steele, a DJ that starred on Season 2 of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta”, was reportedly in a secret relationship with Stevie J. However, the romance allegedly ended when the music producer got a 20-year-old Instagram model pregnant.
Steele previously starred on the second season of “LHHATL” during her tumultuous relationship with the father of her son, DJ Babey Drew.
A source close to Traci revealed that she made the decision to keep her relationship with Stevie under the radar due to his womanizing reputation.
Steele already knew about Steve’s relationship history and didn’t want to hear people criticize their romance.
The secret relationship came to an end after Stevie, 46, allegedly got 20-year-old Instagram model, Misha Perry, pregnant.
Stevie has denied being the father of Misha’s unborn child.
Misha recently shared a post to social media of her sonogram.
She wrote, “My beautiful bundle of joy Stevie blessed me with mommy loves you so much already. I’ll be here for you no matter what. It hurts so much that your father doesn’t even want to acknowledge you and it hurts me not because of me but because I don’t want you growing up being hurt by your father but just know mommy will always protect you. #babyjordan #leaveittostevie #steviej .”

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Traci shared that she was totally “blindslided” by the news Stevie had gotten the woman pregnant. His actions left Steele feeling devastated.
Traci and Stevie called time on their relationship and she went on to pen a book about bad dating experiences.
Her book, titled 30 Day Man Cleanse, didn’t mention Stevie by name. However, she did give hints about his identity.
Traci said of her secret relationship, “I was dating a guy who was completely wrong for me and I knew it because God was sending me signs, but I was ignoring them.”
Steele continued, “I found out this guy is a narcissist. He’s a sociopath. And he’s so scared to grow old that he would date, hang out with and possibly knock up 20-year-olds, and he’s a grandfather.”
Traci added, “I stayed with him because I was listening to him instead of listening to God. I listened to him when he’d tell me he loved me and he’s ready for commitment, he’s ready for marriage and he was all in and God was telling me otherwise. So I was essentially challenging God. I was not listening to the signs that God sent.”
Traci’s description certainly sounds like the Grammy winner. Stevie is known to love the ladies and is the father of six, as well as being a grandfather.
Stevie J has recently been in the news after federal prosecutors are pushing to put him behind bars.
The reality star owes $1.3 million in child support to the mother of his two children. Stevie entered a plea deal to pay off the huge sum, but is accused of violating the terms of the agreement. WOW!!!

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