did usher really give quantasia sharpton herpes?

More updates on the Ursha and the whole herpes thing!
When Quantasia Sharpton initially revealed that she was suing Usher for exposing her to herpes, not many took her claims seriously- not even her own family- folks thought she was B-S-N RIGHT?
A recent request from Usher to conceal legal documents has some people throwing out doubts. Perhaps there may have been a romantic relationship between the pair after all? He sure was fronting like he would never, and now look.. shame shame… tell the truth shame the devil!
Bossip is reporting that Usher’s lawyer has filed a motion, requesting a judge to bar his responses to her demands for evidence.
Usher argued that his answers to Quantasia would identify another woman, who also claimed Usher exposed her to the disease, revealing her medical records.
Usher also insists that the papers contain very confidential information that is not meant to the public. Usher thinks that if his responses were made public, it would violate an order that he, Quantasia and the anonymous woman have agreed to.
A judge will hold a hearing next month to decide on the matter.
#Roommates, do y’all remember #QuantasiaSharpton? She was one of Usher’s accusers last year and now she’s speaking out about his recent separation from wife Grace Miguel.
Oh and she previously declared she had proof of them smashing during a podcast interview.
“I actually have videos.”
Host Miss Jacob Kohinoor asked, “So he knew that you were recording him.”
“I find that hard to believe, but girl if you say yeah,” Kohinoor quipped. “He knew that you was recording him doing sexual [bleep] on video?”
 “Yes,” Quantasia replied.  soooooo it was consensual, and he knew what was going, divorced his wife, and gave the girl herpes… simple.. we get it.. moving on with life…

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