did you seen tami & duffel’s brawl on basketball wives?


W8! Did y’all see the fight?


“Basketball Wives LA” got pretty brutal during a group trip to Portugal, when Tami Roman and DJ Duffey got into a nasty fight.It was soon crazy!  It was so crazy that Tami had to be held back by nearly half of the film crew. She was out for blood!

Tami and Duffey have been at war ever since Jazz Anderson’s video shoot for her new song “All I Want.” Tami fired Duffey when she came to assist in directing the video, which led to Duffey stating she works with “real artists.” Duffey later issued an apology to Jazz, but Tami hasn’t been able to get over the diss.

Tami was so angry with Duffey that she truly didn’t want to even make the group trip to Portugal. In retrospect, that would have been a good idea. Do y’all think they are too old to be fighting?

The fight went down during their dinner when DJ talked about the issues between her and Tami. She was telling her co-stars that Tami lied about what really happened during the music video shoot. Obviously, Tami was pissed and got up to leave the table. Duffey continued talking about what went down and Tami had Duffey repeat herself. Duffey was really only able to get out the words “I felt like” before Tami starting swinging.

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