Have you heard about the Bill Cosby Jury selection?

TMZ is reporting that Bill Cosby’s legal team is in quite a tizzy right now.
You may be wondering what they are upset about. Well, buckle up, sunshines because it’s pretty interesting stuff.
According to BET, “the fallen comedian’s lawyers are outraged that the current 11-person jury only consists of one Black person, which, in their minds, already puts their client at a disadvantage.”
Bill, alongside his attorneys and prosecutors will be back in court today in order to complete the jury selection in Pittsburgh. After learning of the unbalanced racial makeup of the jury, they are accusing the prosecution of “systematic exclusion” of Black jurors.
With that being said, the judge has shot down this concern and claim for the moment; however, if the defense is able to provide evidence that backs up the claims of racism, the judge will agree to consider their argument.
His daughter Evin recently came to his defense, saying that her father ‘loves and respects women” and is “not abusive, violent or a rapist”. She also said a lot of other things, which we are just not in the mood to delve into right now, but feel free to go give her statement a look.
He is also reportedly slowly going blind, which he seems to feel is relevant. Crazy times.

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