have you heard about TI? how he’s Not Backing Down on ‘Black on Black Crime’ Views?


Rapper TI has been very vocal with his support of the Black Lives Matter movement but he got caught some slack when he expressed he believes black people need to focus on Black on Black violence to end police brutality. That is just soooooo true! T.I. is not backing down..

Did you ee his outstanding performance on the BET AWARDS?

Here’s an excerpt of the interview:

In July, you were criticized for comments about Black Lives Matter. You tweeted, “For us to really have an argument in the BLM movement we must show that Black Lives Matter to us.”
This is true. I still feel that way. To be honest with you, you must understand what you’re facing. You’re facing two types of people. One, the type of people who want you to remain oppressed. And two, people who haven’t reached the understanding of the fact that you are being oppressed. So if you’re facing these types of people—one who wants you to remain this way, and one who don’t realize that it is this way—you cannot continue to poke holes in your opportunity to advance. No one is going to do more for you than you’re willing to do for yourself. So I honestly feel that we have to respect ourselves in order to demand respect. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying snap our fingers and tomorrow all black-on-black crime goes away. But you have to take the necessary steps. Everybody has to, at one point, be responsible. Not just for themselves, but for the community. Once we begin to feel like that, then we will start to establish a certain amount of respect for ourselves.

People argue that police aren’t going to respect us either way.
One, I don’t necessarily believe that. Two, even if that’s true, you’re just helping them. You’re making their job easier. Why would you fight on their side? I think that’s an act of futility. I don’t see how that does anything to progress or advance the movement.

One thing about this record, you’re speaking about police brutality—
Well, police brutality is one thing. We’re speaking about murders. He clapped back on they azzz


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