HAVE YOU HEARD? Funkmaster Flex Compares Drake to MC Hammer


Hip Hop DJ Funkmaster Flex is making headlines again for taking shots at another rapper, and this time Drake is his target.

According to reports, Funkmaster Flex gave his two cents on Kendrick Lamar and Drake, and he basically called Drake this generation’s version of MC Hammer.

VLAD TV writes:

Funkmaster Flex recently compared this era of rap to the late 80s, and said Kendrick Lamar is like the modern version of Rakim, while Drake is more like today’s MC Hammer.

He was speaking with Beats 1 this week when he corrected the host’s own comparison of equating Lamar as the modern day Rakim and calling Drake today’s Big Daddy Kane. “I want to fix that up a little bit. There’s a Rakim and there’s a Hammer,” said Flex when speaking about who Drake and Kendrick Lamar mirror. He went on to change his comparison. “[Drake’s] very popular. I want to get the comparison right. Because I don’t want anyone to get offended. Ok. I got it. There’s Rakim. And there’s Tone Loc. Everyone likes [Drake] and it sounds good in the car, but you know Rakim just had a different type of respect. And I like Kendrick and I like Drake, but you know, but I guess Kendrick just gets a different type of respect.” He followed that by joking about Obama saying he would bet Kendrick would beat Drake in a rap battle.

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