have you heard the latest on T.I. & Tiny?

Tiny Harris sat down for a new interview since her split with T.I., discussing the struggles she’s having being away from her children since their split.
The Xscape singer especially has a hard time being away from her baby Heiress.
T.I., 36, and Tameka “Tiny” Harris, 41, have been separated and the rapper was finally served with divorce papers in April. Fans were disappointed to hear the beloved couple were splitting, hoping they would reconcile. However, both Tiny and T.I. accused each other of cheating on their reality show and appear unable to get past it.
Tip has been out on the road a lot lately but when he returns to Atlanta he is able to see his children. Tiny admits it’s really hard for her to hand the children off to their father.
The singer admits,  “It is a work in progress though cause I don’t like dropping off my kids and he be like ‘I’m fixing to take the kids,’ and I’ll be ‘no you are not, they are going with me today.’ Like who told you, just cause you came in town boo.”
Harris is obviously trying to get accustomed to the child custody agreement, stating, “But I try to work with his schedule and let him have the kids or whatever, but that is a little difficult for me sometimes because I don’t really like parting from my baby.”
Of course, Tiny is referring to her 15-month-old daughter Heiress Diana Harris. “If you want to take the boys and whatever, cool, but when you are trying to take the baby, and you want to me gone, no. I don’t really enjoy that.”
That would be difficult for any mother to be away from her child at such a young age. Their other children include son King, 12, and nine-year-old Major. They are old enough to do many things for themselves, but it’s a different situation for a child under two!
Tiny also revealed that she and T.I. have recently started talking again, adding that it isn’t a good idea. She admitted that their relationship is confusing and very off-and-on. Tiny explained, “Some weeks we are on, some weeks we are off. We have been off this week. Today is my first time talking to him guys, you know. We are up and down, some roller coaster here.”

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