have you seen seven? andre 3000 & erica Badu’s on?

Mini-mes are so cute. Especially when doppelgangers resemble a celebrity parent. It’s super funny.
Well, on that note, Seven Sirius has graduated from being a teenage! He turned twenty on November 18th. Guess who celebrated with him? His songstress mother, Erykah Badu!
She posted a sweet picture of her son, captioning it, “Happy 20 Seven Sirius […] 11/18/97…You are ‘some pig.’”
But what really seems to have captured people’s attention wasn’t the adorable sentiment of this… many are taken aback by how much Seven Sirius looks like his musical superstar father*! Those eyes! The nose and mouth! Even the stone-faced expression. Amazing.
Andre 3000, in case you didn’t know (and you couldn’t tell from the picture somehow…which, if you couldn’t, maybe you should get your eyes checked because c’mon).
Throw on a black and white filter and this could be a throwback pic of Andre himself decades ago. Good genes, right? What do you think? If you saw the two of them next to each other, would you do a double-take?
Speaking of THAT, Erykah has a look-a-like too! Her 13-year-old daughter, Puma Sabati Curry. Erykah shared flicks from her Vogue Mexico shoot.
How beautiful.

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