have you seen the new tamar, and will she be joining RHOA?

Is Tamar Braxton holding a Real Housewives Of Atlanta peach on-hand?
Late last week, a few outlets reported that the former host of the Real had decided to join the Bravo franchise.
And it is easy to see why people might get pretty excited. Her dynamic with estranged husband, Vincent Herbert, can be bizarre and dramatic (but that is like what the show was about huh?) and many were thrilled over the prospect of possibly being able to witness Tamar, NeNe Leakes and Kandi Burruss interact.
Yes, that disastrous Xscape reunion tour nonsense alone could fill episodes and episodes of airtime.
Kandi, as you all know was forced to step in and and pull the plug on Tay Tay’s role, after reports claiming that Tamar was going to bring Khia on stage to insult Toya Wright started flying around.
Apparently, Tamar isn’t joining the cast-list for Season 11 of RHOA. She jumped over to Snapchat where she wrote a lengthy post, shutting down the rumors.
“I guess whomever wrote that story was the same person saying I’m going to ATL Housewives!!! IDGAF What U Believe!!.. On God !…However I’m Not Known to Lie to Anyone cause who gone do what to who?

Looks like #TamarBraxton is also shooting down reports that she’s going to Real #Housewives of #Atlanta. (#RHOA #AtlantaHousewives #BFV #realhousewivesofatlanta #realhousewives #tamar)

One fan reacted to the story by gushing, “Your haircut is absolutely beautiful. You’re working that hair, boo!.I am so loving this new look and rooting for you in ALL aspects of life!!!”
A different commenter stated, “Just mad the blogs about the Braxtons are more interesting than Braxton Family Values. Like really who are benefiting from the show now. All y’all doing and screaming and crying about how y’all don’t want to talk about it. As a day one fan I fell in love with Vince through this show, now I’m like why everyone so mad at a man that’s so good. All anyone other is yell at him. All the bad stuff is only in blogs? Then yall say don’t believe the blogs. What’s the tea?”
A third revealed, “I love you Tamar…an l thought you’re mother was your life.. especially how you have faught for her when she was sick an when you’re dad did what he did…. know she’s protecting you and what we see l must add is you turning your back on the only mother you have in order to protect a man who has put his hands on you…. when you said Love and War l guess you really meant that [expletive]…. maybe that’s love to you baby girl….but no money, no fame is worth living a lie and getting your [expletive] beat…. you are to Beautiful an to talented for all that….yes doors may have closed on you in the past but today you have enough power to open your own doors.”

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