is 50 cent & wendy williams beefing on social media?

50 Cent WENT IN with talk show host, Wendy Williams, as well as shade the cancellation of Gabrielle Union’s show, “Being Mary Jane”, on social media.
The “Power” star bashed Williams after she commented on his plans to throw a ‘child support release party’ on his son Marquise’s 21st birthday.
Wendy addressed 50’s plans and his estranged relationship with his son on her television show. WOW!
Williams said of the actor, “He is Petty Spaghetti. He’s got real petty ways about him. I don’t really understand it because he’s got enough money to take care and support and whatnot.”
Wendy went off on Fiddy during her “Hot Topics” segment.
The talk show host said, “I do not care that you didn’t grow up with a father … And that your mom whatever happened when you were 8 and you were shot 9 times. You are 42. You have got a 21-year-old son. Get a life.”

HOT TOPICS: 50 Cent celebrated his son’s 21st birthday by throwing a “child support release party.” Keep watching at

Williams’ comments on her show obviously didn’t go over well with the rapper-turned-actor/producer. He went off on Wendy in a savage way.
50 Cent, whose real name is Curtis James Jackson III, took to Instagram to share a photo of the talk show host in a bikini and calling her “ugly.”

I’m back in the gym, training for this Frigo under wear campaign. Time to work day 1 #Frigo

Fiddy wrote, “Wendy Williams just told me to get my life together smh.”
He then made a low blow by bringing up the recent headlines about Wendy’s husband allegedly cheating on her for over a decade with a 32-year-old massage therapist.
Fiddy wrote, “Your husband is not a bad man. he deserve a side chick for talking to you, you ugly [expletive]. Focus on your own [bleep]. Oh yeah we in club LUST tonight your invited. LOL #50centralbet.”
50 Cent wasn’t finished being petty though. He shared a photo of Williams to Instagram, comparing her to Ron Perlman dressed as Vincent from the 1980’s “Beauty and the Beast.”
The actor wrote, “Yeah [bleep], you [bleep] around in the wrong section. Every time you call me, I’m a show up. #50centralbet.”
50 had previously attempted to explain his behavior towards his son, Marquise. He took to Instagram to post, “Excuse me if I seem a little insensitive at times. I’m different. I came up a little harder than these guys. I make no excuses. I never met my father and my mother got killed when I was 8.”

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