Things Are Reportedly Heating Up Again Between Janet Jackson And Jermaine Dupri

Janet Jackson, who recently ended her 5-year marriage to Qatari billionaire Wissam Al Mana, is rumored to be growing close to her former love Jermaine Dupri.
New reports suggest that Jermaine has been a shoulder to cry on for Janet and things may be turning romantic again.
Jackson and Dupri have been in contact with one another, with the music producer offering his support to the singer. There are reports that the former couple may be rekindling their old flame.
Insiders are claiming that “things have been heating back up between the former couple, who have recently reunited and not just for music making purposes.”
The report of Janet and Jermaine growing close comes on the heels of her brother, Randy Jackson, revealing that Wissam Al Mana was emotionally and verbally abusive to the singer. Janet welcomed a son named Eissa with Wissam Al Mana earlier this yearm just months before their split.
Jermaine previously spoke about his relationship with Janet, admitting the breakup was all his fault.

As Oprah once said… “You can have it all, just not all at once.” Live life with a grateful heart and take all that you deserve…

Dupri told the Breakfast Club, “I believe that my life is a definition of a journey and inside that journey there were supposed to be things that happen and me having a relationship with [Janet], I definitely know it was part of my life that I thought a lot for these 8 years and I look at it like that. I don’t know if it was supposed to stay, but it was supposed to come into my life and teach me what I have learned.”
He was asked if the split was his fault. Dupri replied, “I’m a guy. I called Usher up about his new album titled ‘Flawed,’ because I heard of it like you guys did and he told me, ‘I’m tired of people thinking that I am perfect, I am not perfect. The way I deal with my kids and deal with all kinds of situations, I might mess up but I am me…’ So I feel the same way that I am flawed. I take that on a chain that I messed up.”
In another interview with MTV, Jermaine admitted Janet was the “one he was supposed to be with.” sooooo round 2 is it???


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