is joie chavis (Bow Wow child’s mother) preggo by future?

There are rumors making the rounds that Shad “Bow Wow” Moss’’ ex/mother of his daughter is preggo. WOW!!
While she has reportedly split up with Future, a few believe that she is carrying the rapper’s unborn child, thanks to a snap of what appears to be a baby bump.
The pictures in question are via GossipInTheCity, who took a screenshots of Joie at a superhero-themed kids party…and in the second image, she looks like she might have something to tell us all!
Keeping count of the kids? This would be number five for Future.
Weirdly enough, this would be the second ex of Bow Wow’s that Future knocked up FRFR!
To be fair, Joie could have totally moved on to someone else—but either way, we hope she is enjoying life, whether or not it will soon involve a crying little one.
A few months ago, Shad opened up about his former flame moving on with Future.

“She can love who she wants to love. We just have a child together. I think a lot of people get it twisted, when you have a child together, there’s always that attachment. Some people are put in life to connect and make something beautiful. That’s it. That’s how I feel we are. I have no attachment to my daughter’s mother other than we have a child together.”
“She can date who she wants. I’m not going to judge her, or feel no way, especially when I’m over here doing my thing. I’m living my life. I’m not worried about what’s going on over there so, it’s the same way around. She’s been doing it. She seems happy. All I want is peace.”
Congratulations to our sis #JoieChavis!! 💜Sis has secured the bag! She has been dating rapper #Future for the past year and change and we broke it first! Well, sis got caught slippin’ and is now pregnant with her second child- the first by #BowWow! 😬 We almost forgot, Future has piped down two of Bow’s exes and knocked them both up! Sadly for our sis, Future is known to love you dearly until you get pregnant and then he moves on! 😔

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