WELL WELL WELL FOLKS! Kandi Burruss has admitted that she considered leaving “Real Housewives of Atlanta” after Phaedra Parks started a vicious rumor about her planning to drug Porsha Williams in order to have a threesome. (We all saw that on the last episode of the season finale). Kandi has revealed that she was really struggling at that time and thought about walking away from the reality show. Do you really blame her?
In a recent interview, Kandi admitted, “During season 9, I was feeling like I might want to leave because there was so much hate from fans online and I was having trouble because, how do you defend yourself from a lie?” WOW! Fans are real with their comments. Kandi continued, “I’ve never had drama like that that lasted the whole season. It was very [blank].”
The past season appeared to be focused on Kandi and the rumor started by her cast mate indeed. I t could have all been avoided it Phony Phay Phay never lied.
Kandi said, “But now I’m extremely happy that people were able to see the truth. Sometimes I thought people would never know the truth and it would have been a stain on me forever.”
Of course, the truth finally came out during the reunion show when it was revealed that Phaedra was behind the lie. Phony Phay Phay never truly appeared sorry for her actions, but yeahhhh, she was booted from the show.
Burruss is keeping busy these days and will be starring in a new reality show on Bravo, alongside the members of Xscape. The girl group will be featured in a reality show as they set out on tour.
“It’s going to be no days off. … I’m glad both shows are on Bravo,” Kandi stated. “I’m so excited to work with [my best friend Tameka “Tiny” Harris]. This is going to be our first time being on television together other than two seconds before. Now people get to see how close we are.”


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