does kirk frost still love rasheeda?

Rasheeda was probably always going to go back to Kirk, right? Divorce Papers filed.
The advice (she supposedly gave to tiny) a while back said it all.
“The women relate to each other and what they’re both going through with their men — and even with their music,” a source told  HollywoodLife, “It was a great reunion and Rasheeda even gave Tiny a huge piece of advice — she told her not to listen to anyone but herself when it comes to her marriage.”
“Tiny has a lot of people in her ear telling her to go through with the divorce and that she’s better off without T.I.,” they explained. “But Rasheeda told her not to pay them any mind. If what she really wants is to make her marriage work, she needs to fight for it and not worry about what other people think.”
Anyway, despite all of the cheating drama—Kirk reportedly got the girl pregnant, and supported the girl financially, a dancer named Jasmine and she is not content at all, which we kind of shamefacedly enjoy—they may be barreling towards a reconciliation. How healthy.
The purported proof is on social media.
Rasheeda reposted a video of herself performing her song “Bubblegum” from Kirk’s Instagram.


RP from @frost117 …… it’s nothing like that energy from the crowd. It always gives me life!!! #mybubblegum


Not only did he post the clip to his account, he was actually there supporting her. He captioned this, 😆✊ #showtime #backatit no matter what’s going on it’s in the #dna”.
Oh and when the news of their then-impending divorce broke, a source ran out to fill in some blanks.
An insider had claimed that Rasheeda and Kirk talked things over during a group trip to Jamaica before she decided to call it quits. “The saddest part is that I think Rasheeda and Kirk created the ‘Kirk is cheating’’ storyline. They needed the money and went down that road”.


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“At first, I don’t think Kirk was cheating – it was just for the cameras. But you don’t PLAY WITH A MARRIAGE. Now look where they are.”

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