According to our sources, there have been rumors circulating for the past few months that Kirk Frost had a baby with a former stripper named Jasmine Washington. His alleged baby mama has now joined “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” and dropped the baby bombshell. Frost, who is married to Rasheeda, insists he is not the daddy and wants Jasmine out of his life and business.
Frost was shown on a recent episode of the show as he attended Joseline Hernandez’s masquerade ball. Moments before his arrival, Jasmine had just dropped the bombshell to Kirk’s friends that she had a child with the married reality star. Washington confronted Kirk and he pretended he didn’t know her. He later told his wife about the incident and played it off as if Jasmine was a random drunk woman.
Kirk is adamant that he is not the father of Jasmine’s child and wants to work on his marriage with Rasheeda. Is it too little, too late?
A source told Hollywood Life, “Kirk’s just trying to live his life man and be the best husband he can to Rasheeda. He doesn’t trust Jasmine and wants her to get the hell out of ATL so bad that he’d love to give her $5G’s so she can just disappear. As far as Kirk’s concerned, the kid isn’t his.”
Jasmine has claimed that Kirk is the father of her young son Kannon. The 27-year-old beauty has stated that she had an affair with Frost and recently filed a lawsuit against him for child support.
Jasmine reportedly filed the lawsuit in January of this year, stating that Kirk had been supporting her financially until she ended their relationship.
In legal documents, Jasmine listed her current income as $0, with $4,059 in expenses and $1,456 paid to creditors every month. Washington is requesting $2,500 per month in child support from Frost.
The child custody suit documents state, “Jasmine’s current income is zero, but her monthly expenses are $4,059 – not including $1,456 that she has to pay to creditors. The 27-year-old said it would be fair for 47-year-old ex to pay $2,500 in child support. She said she thinks the married father of five rakes in $10,000 a month and has multiple real estate properties but wants the judge to force him to reveal his exact income.”
However, Washington will have to get Frost to take a paternity test to prove he is the father of her son. A source stated, “Before Jasmine can file a petition for child support, she first needs to have Kirk take a paternity test to determine if he’s the biological father.”
Kirk is sick and tired of the drama and feels Jasmine is just trying to cause problems in his marriage. An insider said, “He doesn’t know or understand why she’s trying to ruin his life. [Kirk is] over Jasmine and her harassing threats attempting to make a spectacle of him in court. Jasmine and her web of lies are really getting to Kirk and ruining his reputation and it’s still causing problems in his marriage to Rasheed.” WOWWW!!


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