Is Moniece Slaughter’s mama roasting Brandy on social media?

According to reports, Moniece Slaughter’s mother, Marla Thomas, decided to put singer Brandy on blast for her negative influence on her son.
She explained that Brandy has lied and hurt her son, further damaging his “mental condition.” What is going on here?
Moniece revealed she had lots to say about Brandy, who she referred to as the “Angel in Disguise.” Slaughter took to social media to write, “so much I could say.”
The reality star explained, “too much to explain here she knows what she did. But I’ll just wait for my mom to say it when she’s ready to talk about it. But I just can’t take anymore. But my mom has asked me not to go into detail so I won’t.”
Moniece’s mother shared a statement about Brandy, which she later deleted (Don’t worry, Screenshot is below).
She wrote, “Let me begin by stating, it is not my habit to go after anyone on social media. I also need to state, that after 15 years of being a close acquaintance of @4everbrandy, this is not a bitter friend post, quite the opposite. I have sat by quietly over the past 4 months, living in the wake of Brandy’s destructive influence on my son (details available on episode 9/11 of The Marla and Dave Show), suffering in silence daily. As I watch her pull lie after lie out of her bag of stones and toss them around effortlessly, striking any one in her path, I know I have to speak up!…”

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Marla goes on to say, “One of the hardest of all the pills to swallow, is knowing that she took the unconditional love and acceptance from my family as a green light to hurt those I love most, despite repeated warnings of danger her engagement and influence was having on our son in his mental condition… My son is in a place that only God can heal him. I pray the same spiritual intervention for her, so the sacrifice we have made by offering her unconditional love and acceptance, when the world seemed to have turned it’s back on her, won’t be in vain!” LOL!

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