is r. kelly dating a teenage girl?

R. Kelly has made headlines this past week after being accused of running a ‘sex cult’ with young women held against their will. One young woman denied the claims, but now more crazy details of the R&B singer’s penchant for young girls is coming out.
A teen girl claims her BFF was one of Kelly’s live in girls, claiming she was not allowed on social media and could not call her parents without the singer’s permission.
An Instagram account of a teenager under the username @97babygirl shared posts back in May 2016 about Kelly dating her friend Azriel Clary.
The teen posted a photo collage with the caption, “Congrats to @rkelly girlfriend and my BFF #azrielclary. We are finally graduating high school. It was good seeing you yesterday. Let the fun begin. #iwantmyoldfriendback#rkelly.”
People began commenting on the post and the young lady confirmed that her 18-year-old friend Azriel was one of his live-in girlfriends. ¬†She went on to tell another follower that Azriel would not respond to her on Facebook because Kelly didn’t allow his live-in girls on social media.
97babygirl wrote, “Trust and believe Azriel did not respond to you on FB. R. Kelly does not allow his live in girls on social media and she would NEVER call you or have her mom call you. R. Kelly would beat her behind and punish her if he thought she reached out to you. She can’t even talk to her own parents unless he gives her permission.”
This bit of information is pretty enlightening and appears to validate reports that Kelly rules his young girlfriends with an iron fist.
Several sets of parents have their daughters are being held against their will by Kelly. The parents say that their daughters are captives in a sex-obsessed “cult” led by the 50-year-old.
Three former members of Kelly’s inner circle revealed what life was like as one of Kelly’s ‘girls.’
The women revealed that Kelly “dictates what they eat, how they dress, when they bathe, when they sleep, and how they engage in sexual encounters that he records.”

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