is rihanna back in contact with chris brown?


Are Chris Brown and Rihanna BACK TOGETHER?! We almost fell out of our CHAIRS after seeing this!

Fans are going nuts over the news that Chris Brown and his ex-girlfriend, Rihanna, being back in contact again! The power of the pipe is real!

Chris began following RiRi on Instagram over the weekend and now fans are speculating that the couple may rekindle their romance.
Breezy began following his ex-girlfriend over the weekend and sources are claiming they are communicating in other ways too.
“They’ve totally been talking again,” a source claims. “It started out on social media, and then progressed to texting. They swore to keep things platonic — YEAH RIGHT! It’s already escalated to sexting. They’re addicted to each other. The smallest thing can put them right to where they started.”
Rihanna and Chris definitely have some type of connection, but most find their relationship pretty toxic.
An insider speculates, “Soon they’ll be meeting up in hotel rooms. They always LOVED hooking up in hotel rooms.”
Breezy raised a few eyebrows last month when he suddenly started following Rihanna’s bestie, Melissa Ford, on Instagram. His fans noticed and made comments about it. Brown responded in the comments section and wrote, “MELISSA IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE MY HOMIE. NO EXTRAS. Don’t get too excited people. Not gonna happen.”
It makes it appear Chris is back in touch with Melissa and his former girlfriend Rihanna.

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