is tamar braxton & tiny harris falling out over new management for xscape?

Xscape reunited this year and have kicked off their reunion tour, recently hiring Tamar Braxton’s estranged husband Vincent Herbert as their new manager. Will the decision affect Tiny and Tamar’s friendship? TIME 2 WILL TELL.
Tiny and Tamar have been friends for nearly twenty years, but have experienced some rocky times in the past, just all friends do right?! Braxton is the godmother of Tiny’s daughter, Heiress Harris, while Tiny serves that role for Braxton’s son, Logan.
Harris and Braxton’s friendship hit a snag in 2016, after Tamar was fired from “The Real.” Tiny had shown support for friends that appeared on the talk show, which obviously felt like a betrayal to Tamar. It wasn’t long before Tamar let her feelings be known.
Tiny and Tamar finally reconciled over the summer, putting their differences aside. Fans are concerned that Xscape’s decision to hire Tamar’s estranged husband as their manager will cause problems in their friendship.

#XSCAPE (sans #KandiBurruss) has hired #VinceHerbert to manage their singing career as they gear up to release a new album. Deets on the site: or click link in profile

Some fans find it strange that Tiny would hire Vincent, who was accused of physically abusing Tamar.
Follower virgo824 commented, “Messy, messy & petty! Vincent has beat up on your friend and you hire him to manage you?! And you probably know ALL the details and this is what you rock with? It would be like Tamar hanging out with one of T.I.’s side pieces – messy!”
Fan gross1726 wrote, “That’s just wrong…thought they were Tamar friends?”
And missk614 adds, “I would imagine that it was a very awkward conversation between Tiny and Tamar. They are going through a divorce and now he is managing her best friend’s group?”
sooooo was this a good move or a bad move for the group? Despite personal feelings involved.

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