is tamar & vince back together?

Happy Holidays People!! Tamar Braxton and Vincent Herbert’s split has been unfolding on their reality show, “Tamar & Vince”, but a new photo circulating the internet has fans wondering if they have reconciled. Fans of the singer are wondering if the couple faked their divorce in order to spark up their ratings for tv.. hmmmmm
It does raise eyebrows on the timing of their split announcement, (how convienent) which came just ahead of the premiere of their reality show.  Sooooo this was all for tv huh? Braxton has addressed her split numerous times, insisting the split is real and not simply for publicity.
One follower previously commented on Tamar’s social media post, writing, “Tay, I love you so much! I REALLY hope you and Vince aren’t lying about this divorce for ratings!!!!! I know it’s such a coincidence and I just can’t help but wonder if ya’ll are scamming your fans or not.”
Tamar replied to the comment, writing, “baby ain’t NOBODY got time for that! I don’t play with my life and most of all I would NEVER play with GOD!! For what!?!? I wish it was fake!! it’s the hardest thing I’ve EVER been through.” welllll…
Braxton has also addressed the reasons behind her split from Vince, suggesting he had cheated on her. Tamar stated she had been ‘living a lie’ by staying in her marriage for face value.
Braxton, who is currently on the Great Xscape Tour, normally has meet and greet sessions with fans after the show.  Two of those fans shared photos to social media that had people talking! Tamar’s estranged husband Vince is shown in the background of the photo with a big smile on his face.

I’m beyond Grateful and humbled. To God be the Glory for all of his blessings and love. 🙏🏽 Even when I think he’s forgotten about me he ALWAYS shows up and shows OUT EVERYTIME!💞

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