is tammy rivera still defending waka?


Rumor has it that Tammy Rivera decided to take Waka Flocka back… sometimes love is stronger than we think! Now you all know that Waka allegedgly cheated, and Tammy was clearly over- at one point in time!  Never the less,  she is still his er man, and defending her choice on social media.

Tammy took to Snap Chat recently to defend her man, and she seems to believe more women should be willing to make the same tough choices. (if love says go, then go hinny!)

She says:

“This ain’t none of y’all business. And I know it’s gonna go past half y’alls heads. But talk to your grandmother or your aunties.

“Today’s society is so [messed] up. Everything is disposable. Nothing is worth value anymore. That’s why we as women don’t know our value. We don’t know who we are. We don’t know that we’re queens. We really need to know our values. And that’s why men do half the [things] they do, because they don’t know their value. If they loved themselves they wouldn’t do half the [stuff] they do.” wellllll

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