James Debarge's daughter has called Janet Jackson out! She wants Janet to come forth with the TRUTH about the secret child [VIDEO]

James Debarge’s daughter has called Janet Jackson out! She wants Janet to come forth with the TRUTH about the secret child [VIDEO]
We have recently sent out our well wishes to Janet Jackson and her husband on the arrival of their first child together. We want them to enjoy their time and privacy with their bundle of joy, a son named Eissa.
Now while we are rejoicing with Janet on her first child, there are a few people who are not as happy. We all know that the internet was buzzing when James DeBarge declared that he had a daughter with Janet during their marriage back in the 80s.
Fans can recall a photo where she did seem to have a baby bump at a red carpet event, but no pregnancy was ever announced. That was over thirty years ago and things have been pretty hush hush, that is until the show “Growing up Hip Hop” premiered on the WE network.
It stars Angela Simmons, Lil Romeo, Pepa and Treach’s daughter Egypt as well as a few others. One of those others would be Ms. Kristinia DeBarge aka James DeBarge’s daughter. On the show it showcases her trying to find her father that has relapsed and turned back to the life of drugs.
She finds him and wants to confront him about his abuse, she would like to know why he is killing himself. He opens up to her and we find out that the fact that he has a secret daughter out there with Janet is eating away at him.
As a loving daughter Kristinia has definitely heard the rumors and stood by her father’s side despite the opposition. She is deciding to get to the bottom of it for herself and she is officially calling Janet Jackson out for the truth.
She did an interview with Inside Edition and had the following to say:
“Only she knows the truth. I believe I do have a sister out there. I am sure he feels betrayed, I am sure he feels sad, I am sure he feels like he was robbed of that relationship of his daughter. At the same time, I know my dad loves Janet until this day and doesn’t want to hurt her.”
She didn’t stop there, she also added:
“I think for me I am going to continue to research and I am going to continue to try and find this person.”

You can go ahead and check out the full interview CLICK HERE




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