Meet The New ‘Empire’ Star Nessa a.k.a. Sierra McClain

We are so excited to see this little diva Sierra McClain blossom into a lovely rose. Not only has she grown up, but she also just landed a hot new role on the hit show “Empire”. If you are anything like us you most definitely tuned into the Season three premiere that debuted on Wednesday, September 21st.

It was a bomb first episode to start off the season and it answered many of our questions while of course leaving us with more. One of the new questions was “Who is this girl following behind Xzibit’s character on the show?” She followed him in the studio when he interrupted Hakeem and that is when we got our first glimpse of “Nessa”.

Nessa is sassy and she looks like she can hold her own, we aren’t sure if she is related to Xzibit’s character “Shine”. Maybe he could be her uncle, brother or cousin, possibly even godfather? We aren’t sure, but after last night we know we will be seeing more of the both of them.

Nessa was working a song with Jamal and when we really liked it. It had a great message and actually said the names of many of our slain brothers and sisters that were murdered wrongly. It was very #BlackLivesMatter’s-esque, although he started it off with giving a shoutout to his LGBT family. He reminded us all of the tragic Orlando shooting at “Club Pulse”.

Their collab looked like it was going to be super-hot fire… until pill popping Jamal had a PTSD moment on stage. That’s when Nessa’s character had to come to the rescue and she held her own on the stage.

Check out the performance that has everyone buzzing below: CLICK HERE


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