pusha t went after drake for what?

Pusha T went after Drake in his new diss track over his alleged secret son with a porn star, also sharing an unearthed photo of the Canadian actor in blackface. Drizzy responded to the blackface controversy, but remained suspiciously quiet on the love child reports.
Drake, 31, released a statement on the blackface photo that Pusha used as the cover art for “The Story of Adidon.” He claimed the photo was supposed to represent the challenges black Americans face in Hollywood.
The image which was taken by photographer David Leyes in 2007 when Drake was starring on “Degrassi: The Next Generation.”
Drake wrote in Instagram, “I know everyone is enjoying the circus but I want to clarify this image in question. This was not from a clothing brand shoot or my music career. This picture is from 2007, a time in my life where I was an actor and I was working on a project that was about young black actors struggling to get roles, being stereotypes and type cast.”
“The photos represented how African Americans were once wrongfully portrayed in entertainment,” Drake wrote. [We] were attempting to use our voice to bring awareness to the issues we dealt with all the time as black actors at auditions. This was to highlight and raise our frustrations with not always getting a fair chance in the industry and to make a point that the struggle for black actors had not changed much.”

Instagram removed Pusha T’s photo hours after the rapper had posted it, due to “a third-party reported that the content infringes or otherwise violates their rights.
“First time this has happened to me,” Pusha, 41, wrote on Instagram, sharing the message from the social media network.
n another tweet, Pusha wrote, “Please stop referring to this picture as ‘artwork.’ I’m not an internet baby, I don’t edit images…this is a REAL picture…these are his truths, see for yourself.”
Drake has not yet responded to many of the other accusations Pusha made in the diss track (more on this later), including rumors Drake is the father of Sophie Brussaux’s son, Adonis.

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