the rumors about TYLER PERRY ARE TRUE!


Tyler Perry does have a two year old son with his stunning girlfriend Gelila Bekele. Perry chatted with “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show” after his TLC show “Too Close to Home” just landed a second season. (which is such an awesome show!)

TP talked about his 2-year-old son Aman and explained why he and his model girlfriend made the decision to keep him out of the public eye. Tyler said, “Me and mom are here, we’re just enjoying it. Loving every moment of it. I love waking up in the morning, him come running to me. (Those moments are quite precious).

“Those hugs? It’s life-changing. And I know there are no pictures of him, but that’s not something we do. We’re not the kind of parents — my son’s not famous. We’re trying very hard to keep him protected so that he can know who he is before he gets into the crazy bull crap of this social media world.”


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