update on bobby v & the Transgender ‘Escort’ Reima Houston

Bobby V  headed before a Fulton County judge on Friday, Aug. 25, as he faced off with Reima Houston. Fans recalled the video that went viral last month, showing the R&B singer trying to flee the apartment of an alleged transgender prostitute.
Houston released the video, which soon went viral. Bobby later claimed that Houston was trying to extort $2,000 from him, claiming that Houston was a ‘prostitute.’ He also insisted that he had no idea that Houston was transgender.
Reima claims that the situation had nothing to do with “sexual exchange or extortion.” She hit back with a warrant of her own, accusing Bobby V of assault, aggravated assault, battery and stalking.
Bobby V did later recant his statement that Houston was a prostitute, but that didn’t stop him from filing the warrant on Aug. 8. Stay tuned in with us for the update!

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