What’s the beef with mo’nique & comedian gary owens?

WELL WELL WELL!! Mo’Nique is on the warpath for equal pay in her battle against Netflix, who offered her what she considers a measly $500K for a comedy special on their streaming service. Gary Owen decided to speak out in defense of Will Packer, but ended up getting dragged by Mo’Nique.
The “Queen of Comedy” has been calling for everyone to boycott Netflix for weeks now. The comedienne is angry because she realized she was being offered much less for a comedy special than her fellow comedians.
Mo’Nique has called out big names in the entertainment industry that have not been supportive of her endeavor. She set her sights on film producer Will Packer, who she and her husband claim have intimidated her and attempted to ruin her career.
She put Packer, who has produced movies such as  “Straight Out of Compton”, “Think Like A Man” and “Girls Trip”, on blast in her recent rants.
Packer’s good friend, Comedian Gary Owens, was apparently fed up with Mo’Nique bad-mouthing his buddy. Owens took to Instagram to speak out in defense of Packer.
Owens stated, “Mo’Nique blames everybody … Will Packer [has] done more for Black actors and actresses than just about anybody in the last 10 years. He’s basically showing Hollywood that Black movies have a mainstream market… I’m not going to sit back and let you slander my friend’s name like that. Sometimes, you got to take accountability for yourself. RIGHT??
Mo’Nique didn’t appreciate Owens speaking out against her and took to Twitter to clap back.
Mo’Nique told Owens he needs to fight as hard for his black wife and daughter in the challenges they face, instead of defending Packer. She basically told Owens to take a seat and that he didn’t need to be a spokesperson for Packer.

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