what’s the drama with black ink star Ceasar & Karlie Redd?

Ceaser sat down for a recent interview with VH1 and discussed his relationship with Karlie Redd, confirming they had called it quits.
The tattoo artist also took aim at Redd for lying about them being celibate during their relationship.
The “Black Ink Star” was asked about the status of his relationship with Karlie at this time, answering, “Umm…our relationship is over [laughs]. I mean, for real for real, that [bleep] over.”
It certainly doesn’t sound as if there is any chance of them reconciling from the sound of things!
The tattoo artist was asked what happened to cause the demise of their relationship. He answered, “Listen…She came over my house, talking about ‘”Tommie, Tommie, Tommie.’ It was like a whole situation I just got put in the middle of, because Sky and Tommie is wild cool, so when we came down here, we talked to Karlie about the whole situation. Karlie [didn’t] had no problems with Tommie. [But] when Sky and Tommie had went to Kandi’s birthday party, it all erupted. Sky shows up with Tommie & Karlie felt some type of way. It was just a whole messy little situation.”
Ceaser was asked to explain a bit more. He said, “Karlie was there. Karlie was acting funny to [Sky]. [Sky] approached her like “Hey, wassup girl?” ‘Cause [Karlie] was just at my house. That’s the funny [bleep]. That’s why it’s so funny cause the way she was acting it was like you don’t know Sky, so [she was] like “Yo, whatup sis?” [Karlie’s] like “Heyyyy who you came here with?” [Sky’s] like “Tommie,” and then  she must’ve said something to Sky like “bad move” or something like that and they got into it so from then it’s just been you know been a whole little riff.”
The situation was referenced in Part 1 of the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion episode.
Ceaser was asked if he spent time alone with Tommie, replying, “I wouldn’t say we never kicked it alone…”

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