what’s the latest beef with Cardi B & Nicki?


Nicki spoke to Apple Music’s Beats 1 host, Zane Lowe, about the behind the scenes drama!

“The first interview [Cardi] did after MotorSport came out, it just really hurt me cause she looked so aggravated and angry… I kind of felt ambushed.”
(Cardi had opened up during an interview with Capital XTRA at the time, saying, “Well, when I heard the track, her verse wasn’t finished. Or it’s not the verse that’s on there right now. And Quavo [member of Migos] told me that to get on the song, and I just felt like it’s a perfect opportunity for me to be on a track that’s big like them […] Cause those are two big people, and I just started in the game. And I just know if I get on this record, it’s gonna be crazy. Like who doesn’t want it?”)

#PressPlay: #CardiB addresses how she became a part of #Motorsport featuring #NickiMinaj and #Migos. She says that when she first heard the track, Nicki’s verse was different than the version we hear today. Via: @capitalxtra

“That really, really hurt me because I really fully supported [Cardi]. And up until this recent interview she did-with Ebro Darden for Beats 1- I had never seen her show me genuine love in an interview.”
“And I can only imagine how many girls wished they could’ve been on a song with Nicki Minaj. I’m not saying it in a cocky way… I’m saying it, like, the first thing out of your mouth when somebody asks you about a Nicki Minaj feature is, “she changed her verse.” Excuse me?”
She later tweeted about the situation.
“How can you say someone changed their verse & forgot to say Quavo TOLD me to remove my singing part (which I loved) & Atlantic told me to remove your name from my verse per your request? So how were those changes gonna happen if I didn’t “change” my verse?”
Well, Cardi just shot back to an iffy quip from a Nicki fan on Instagram.
The commenter wrote: “You wanna comment to everything but what you need to. Answer why you got such a pressure with nicki when she was so nice to you [bleep]”.
And not holding back in her response, Cardi B wrote “Nice how? Tell me?”
wellllll team cardi or team nicki??

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