what’s the latest on TI & Tiny’s divorce & their show the family hustle?

Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris and T.I. are reportedly in a great place in their relationship these days and are in talks to bring back their reality show! Surprised or naw?
The couple, who have allegedly called off their divorce and reconciled, hopes to make a you-ee to television.
“They’ve been discussing the return of their reality show [The Family Hustle] and they are totally open to it,” a source told Hollywood Life.
“T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle” has been a huge part of their lives for nearly seven years and they are apparently missing it.
A source said, “They have a lot of fun sharing their family life with their fans and are willing to do it again.”
T.I. and Tiny both have hectic works schedules these days, taking that fact into account before they commit to doing the reality show again.
Another source said: “They are both super busy with several projects which require lots of travel, so one of the main issues they are dealing with is timing.”well…. We hope it all works out for the both of them! Displaying how black families can come from the bottom and be successful, is really an awesome gateway, and outlet to allow a broad audience see that change is possible!.

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