what’s the latest with cardi b & nicki Minaj?

Cardi B and Nicki Minaj have been rumored to be bickering previously, but those reports have been kicked into overdrive at this point! Rumor has it that Nicki has been dissing Cardi on the low, behind her back following their “MotorSport” collaboration.
An insider close to Cardi has revealed the “Bodak Yellow” rapper has heard Nicki has been privately dissing her.
The insider shared, “Cardi is really confused over Nicki and how she’s been acting. She’s been supportive publicly and whenever they’ve talked Nicki’s been cool, but Cardi’s got all these people telling her that Nicki is shady behind her back. It’s hard for Cardi to know what to believe. The old Cardi would confront Nicki over this, but she can’t act that way anymore.” The shade be on the low. Maybe Nicki feels like she’s has to prove something to her audience, since we have a “new comer” in town. That’s real catty thoooo.
Cardi’s rap career is on the rise and she’s decided not to stir up drama with Nicki. The source said, “She doesn’t want to make enemies, she wants to make money.” That’s how you make money moves! Keeps it moving!

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