what’s the latest with T.I. & Tiny?

It appeared that all hope was lost for T.I. and Tiny’s marriage after rumors began swirling that he was hooking up with an Instagram model named Bernice Burgos. However, an inside source has claimed that Tip is trying to win Tiny back and that the estranged couple are even sleeping together again!
Tip was rumored to be getting it on with a side chick named Bernice and Tiny appeared to believe it!  A follower remarked about Tip hooking up with Burgos and Tiny replied that she wouldn’t be losing any sleep over a “pass around [expletive].” Bernice then spoke out in videos posted to social media, denying that she is a homewrecker and claims she is simply friends with the rapper. Most fans aren’t buying Bernice’s story.
However, new reports suggest that Tip is attempting to get things back on track with his wife. The rapper reportedly begged his wife to let him back into their marital bed after expressing how much he adores her.

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An insider revealed, “Tiny and T.I. aren’t out of the woods just yet. He’s been sleeping in a separate bedroom for the last few weeks, but got tired of that and now has taken his game to a whole new level and is thinking outside the box to make Tiny understand that he loves her.”
The source added that all signs appear to point to the couple getting back together. The insider said, “A few nights ago she was in bed and Tip was on the floor beneath her, on his knees, begging her to let him sleep next to her.”
The insider adds, “He going in, telling Tiny how he misses cuddling with her. How he misses kissing her cheek in the middle of the night and having her head on his chest. She was trying so hard to resist him but gave in and now they’re back sleeping in the same bed. TIP knows he’s got a lot of making up to and that this road to making his wife happy is going to be a long one.”
Tiny originally filed in December of 2016. But, it was revealed two months ago that the divorce was on hold due to Tiny not having Tip served with the divorce papers. Fans were hoping that signaled a reconciliation for the couple, but things weren’t looking so peachy until recently.
An insider said of their current relationship,  “He’s nothing but committed to being the perfect husband and father to Tiny and their kids. He was over-the-top with his words; going down on one knee and apologizing to Tiny for all the pain and suffering he caused.”
Tip and Tiny are parents to Clifford “King” Joseph III, 11, Major Philant, 7, and daughter, Heiress Diana, 12-months. We

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