what’s the latest with teyana taylor and her NBA husband?

There’s a report circulating online that Teyana Taylor has decided to separate from her NBA star husband Iman Shumpert.
The report (which originated on Terez Owens) claims that she “found a secret phone, and discovered all kinds of cheating”.
Oh and their reality show might be wrapping up super quickly all of a sudden? Teyana posted that the show would be having its season finale on her Instagram…after just 4 episodes!
“They were up for 8 episode show. Breached contract to change to finale. They will announce soon the show is being cut short on episodes due to teyana and iman ending things.”
Iman also wasn’t immune to the Tristian Thompson cheating mess either.
Bossip reports that, before the woman who Tristan Thompson cheated with deleted her Instagram, she alleged that Tristan wasn’t the only Cavaliers player that she hooked up with. She then followed it up with a picture of Iman, writing, “Miss you too 💦.”

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