what’s the status of Yeezy’s & jigga’s relationship?


Kanye West Reveals Where His Current Relationship With Jay-Z Stands [VIDEO]

During a recent radio interview with DJ Drama, Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz gave us a ray of hope for whatever is left of Kanye West and JAY-Z’s friendship.
In the middle of the two Hip-Hop giant’s mess, 2 Chainz paid a visit to Kanye’s Los Angeles home to have a family day with the West family last week. When asked about the feud between Jay and Ye, 2 Chainz revealed that Beyonce’s husband was brought up.
As all good friends do, 2 Chainz didn’t throw out too many details about the conversations, but he did give up this: “For the most part, Yeezy was like, ‘We still brothers,’ and stuff like that,” he said. “He had a couple of things that was probably personal that he’d want me to keep, but we talked about the music climate right now.”
If you’re not aware, Yeezy and Jigga are at odds right now, mostly because of business. Jay’s TIDAL music-streaming services owes Kanye a lot of money. On top of that, the company hasn’t delivered on some of the promises that are detailed in contracts. Lawyers have gotten involved and a storm seems to be coming.
Things look bad, but at least Kanye is not taking everything personally. He’s still holding out for his friendship with JAY-Z which is a sign that things can resolve themselves amicably. Even if their business relationship can’t be saved, their friendship could possibly be salvaged.
2 Chainz is riding high after the release of his Pretty Girls Like Trap Music album. There were a lot of promotional endeavors that went into it months before he dropped the album. He’s also gotten a lot of national publicity for the pink trap house that he created in Atlanta to also promote the album. The project fostered a salon, a church, a free HIV-testing facility, and other attractions.
2 Chainz’s new album Pretty Girls Like Trap Music is available now online and in stores.


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