Taraji P. Henson is a fan favorite on the series “Empire”, starring in the role of Cookie Lyon; however, the actress reveals in her new book, Around the Way Girl: A Memoir, that she was not at all interested in the role at first.

In her memoir, she writes, “Vince sent me the script anyway, and one night after a fully busy day working on the play, I sat in my living room and picked it up, hoping that reading it would beg off my manager so that he could focus on something else—anything else—instead of Cookie Lyon, the loud-talking matriarch of a record label dynasty. I read the synopsis and sucked my teeth. Hip-hop? Please. Stupid, corny as hell, I said to myself as I flipped through the script. Then I got to the page when Cookie first gets out of prison. I was licking my pointer finger to flip through the pages even faster when I got to the part where Cookie’s husband, Lucious Lyon, tosses his young, effeminate son in the metal trash can, and I really lost it when Cookie, fresh out of prison, visited her youngest son for the first time, only to end the scene using a broom to beat the hell out of him for calling her a b*tch. “What?!” I screamed, alternately excited by the prospects but also wary of its implications: What kind of image is this for black people?”

Henson also wondered what people would think of her playing a drug-dealing felon in family of criminals. The actress said she just couldn’t see herself playing the role of Cookie. —-Well she plays the hell out the roll now!! it fits her like a hand and glove!!



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