why does Family Court Order Stevie J & Joseline Hernandez To Be Drug Tested?

A family court judge in Georgia ruled today that Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J must be drug tested after not allowing the court-ordered monitor to check on their daughter.
Joseline, her baby-daddy Stevie J, and their adorable daughter Bonnie Bella appeared in court on Tuesday. The court appearance came after the court-appointed monitor told the judge she had not been able to see Bonnie Bella for weeks.
The court-appointed monitor told family court judge, Jane Barwick, that she has attempted to visit the child several times. The monitor stated that Joseline has not given her access to Bonnie Bella as required under the court order.
She claimed she contacted Joseline almost two weeks ago, but the former “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star’s attorney claimed Bonnie was with the nanny and Joseline was out of town.
The monitor told the judge that the nanny never responded to any of her voicemails.
In addition, Joseline was also asked to bring Bonnie Bella to a Georgia court on September 25 but she was a no-show.
The monitor was so concerned that she requested that the judge issue “an order barring both parents from leaving Georgia with the baby until further notice.”

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The court filing stated, “As of today B.B.J. has not been produced, and GAL (court monitor) is concerned about her whereabouts and well-being.”
The monitor appointed by the court, Cherese Clark-Wilson, was given the right to inspect any “legal, medical or social service agency records related to the family, as well as order the reality show parents to be drug tested and obtain psychiatric help.”
The decision to appoint a monitor in the child custody case came after Joseline and Stevie accused each another of abusing cocaine.
Stevie J also claimed that Joseline’s physical attacks on him made him concerned about the well-being of their daughter.

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