why is Beyonce being sued?


Beyonce has been named the defendant in a lawsuit over her use of the Roc-A-Fella logo in her music video “Drunk in Love” without permission. WElllllllll…

Dwayne Walker, the man who claims he designed the logo, says he never gave Bey permission and claims he owns the rights to the original logo.

Walker claims the logo is prominently displayed in the video and he wants her to take it down or pay him for its use.

This lawsuit is a bit of a stretch, especially because the only time the logo appears in the video is a brief one-time shot of Jay-Z’s pendant. The rapper is shown wearing his Roc chain, but the logo is only visible for a few seconds at most. Although it is Jay Z’s chain, the rapper is not named in the lawsuit.

Walker already attempted to sue Jay-Z, who founded the label in 1996, for copyright infringement in 2012. Walker claims he created the artwork depicting the vinyl record and champagne bottle that served as the basis for the Roc-A-Fella logo.

He filed a lawsuit previously against Jay Z, Dame Dash, Kareem “Biggs” Burke, Universal and Def Jam in 2012 over claims he was owed millions in royalties. Walker said he signed a contract in 1994 with Dame and Jay that was supposed to earn him $3,500, plus 2% of company revenue for 10 years for the design. Walker claims he instead received only paid $3,500.

A judge dismissed the $7 million lawsuit in September 2016 because Walker took too long to file the lawsuit and was unable to produce proof of an existing contract. U.S. District Judge Andrew Carter said that Walker was not entitled to royalties under a contract allegedly signed 20 years ago.

Jay Z and his partners all insisted the logo was designed by in-house art director, Adrien Vargas.

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