Will there be a season 4 of “power?”


The third season of “Power” ended with a bang, and the audience is left with questions for the upcoming season. Well of course they better do season 4… they can’t just leave us hanging like that!

Creator and Executive Producer Courtney Kemp took to Twitter to answer some questions about the characters and their relationships. Have you seen it?

If you watched the season three finale of “Power,” then you already know agent Greg Knox was killed off the show (Andy Bean),  and the episode ended with Angela Valdez arresting Ghost at his nightclub for his murder. We were shocked that she arrested him; however, she did find his fingerprints on Greg’s window. The shady scene was when the law enforcement women said she found some go Angel’s items in Greg’s apartment, and basically played Angela before walking out the door.

Even though the audience knows that Ghost didn’t pulled the trigger, Angie believes finding Ghost’s fingerprints on the window means he’s guilty. Now we all know that Ghost did kill Lobos, and a host of others. Since Angela is turning up the heat on her former love, some fans of the show are wondering if that means Ghost and Tasha could get back together. Thoughts?

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