When filming anything for broadcast, most everyone on the production
side KNOWS you have to get a permit to film at that location.
But apparently, “Real Housewives of Atlanta” cast member Sheree
Whitfield did NOT know this. She was fined $1,000 on Friday by Sandy
Springs for not getting the proper permits for a major housewarming
party taped for the popular reality show last month. Sheree accepted
the fine as part of a plea deal. Whitfield, who returned last year to
RHOA, will also be under unsupervised probation by the city for 18
months to ensure she files for proper permitting in the future.
Apparently, David Good, (a neighbor of Whitfield’s), showed up at the
hearing Friday morning. He had called the cops October 28 when dozens
of cars showed up on his cul de sac behind Whitfield’s home and
created a traffic nuisance. Good said people parked cars on neighbor’s
lawns and blocked the street. He also said the show installed a big
spotlight which was not allowed either.
“It was an invasion. An absolute invasion.”
Really, David? An “invasion”?  Clearly, you have never served in the
military. Or been to Irvine College and seen how many Asian students
are on campus.
After the hearing, Whitfield deflected blame when speaking to Channel
2 Action News:
“If there were cars on the lawn, they weren’t my guests. I provided shuttles.”
However it all went down, it seems the real kick was that Whitfield
also did not have a certificate of occupancy.
Uh. What?
Now, the production company, True Entertainment, which creates “Real
Housewives” for Bravo, was also (rightly) fined $1,000 for not
providing proper permits, security, or parking. Which I completely
understand. I’m not exactly sure why ANY of the responsibility would
fall on Whitfield for production permits or paperwork… but this would
all definitely qualify as one helluva oversight.
Joye Chin, who oversees production, declined to comment. The $1,000
also included $500 for a June 23 event at Kenya Moore‘s nearby house
that also didn’t have proper permits.
Yeah I think Joye is falling down on the job here.
Whitfield’s neighbor, Good, scoffed when Sheree insisted she was a
“good neighbor.”
Good said that was, “ridiculous.” He also said the city has given her
wide latitude over the years concerning the slow build out of her home
and that there were plenty of reported code violations at her
property. The party was simply the final straw.
And apparently, Michael Petchenik, a Channel 2 Action News reporter
who broke the story, received this emailed response from Sandy Springs
regarding the property: “Code Enforcement has cited the property owner
on several occasions, and today was not her first court appearance.”
During the hearing, Sandy Springs Municipal Judge Candiss Howard asked
Whitfield in the future to “take extra steps not to interfere with
[neighbors’] privacy. Provide security to deal with paparazzi and
traffic control. Howard also told Chin of True Entertainment:
“Be very cognizant of the needs of the neighbors. Take extra steps
with security and parking. Keep people from walking across other
people’s property.” WWWWWWW


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